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The Beauty of God’s Creation

As I went outside this morning to feed our animals, I was hit by the smell of fresh rain.  No we didn’t get much, but the ground was just wet, there were small puddles on the trampoline, there were still clouds in the sky, and it was comfortably cool.  But for me the best part was the smell.  I love the smell of rain.

My devotional today fit right along with this experience.  It was about the beauty and majesty of God’s creation.  A mist all the sin, destruction, and tragedy in this world today, it is comforting to still be able to look around and see the beauty of God’s creation.  It should also remind us of his power and his mercy.

So today I thought I would just give you some pictures and a short video ( of some of God’s beautiful creation.

nature-mountin flowerssea stormblue-roses-nature


This is a humingbird moth.  Absolutely beautiful!  Take time to look around today and really observe God’s creation.


Pamela J. Chaney

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